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For more than 6 years, we have been developing our business in the tourism industry. The more complex demands and needs in the tourism industry made us and our team start a company that offers the tour service in Banyuwangi East Java, which named Holidays Always Fun in 2019. We have experienced human resource management and our service focuses on providing the tourist trip needs and lifestyle.

With a team that has more than 6 years of experience in the tourism industry specialized in Tours & Travel service, Holidays Always Fun had, is, and will keep developing to provide service for various demands and needs from the customers. We realize that today, touring and traveling isn’t the only a vacation with the whole family or the way to escape from daily routines. But, it has become a lifestyle and even a hobby. For that reason, we develop a method to access all traveling needs easily that is suitable for tourist interest. And, we put all these services into the best tour package with several types of tour and vacation destination to many areas and cities in Indonesia you can choose. We even provide a consultation service to create the best plan for your vacation.

Compacted, easy to access, and has many alternatives. We have experience and our
best service will give you the most amazing vacation.

Why Choose Us 


With support from the best team and more than 6 years of experience in the tourism industry, we provide an easy and comfortable booking process for our tour package with various popular and interesting destinations to choose from. We also offer a vacation trip consultation to plan out your vacation that matches your personal needs.

No-Hidden Charge & Best Prices

Our tour package prices are equal to what you will get. We provide a good recommendation for the best price you can get. You also can consult with us regarding the price of planning your vacation and everything you want to enjoy during your trip.


We also provide insurance for each of our tour package. So, you don’t need to worry when you use our service.

Best Facilities

With our experiences, we choose the best facilities for you. You don’t need to worry about transportation, accommodation, and other facilities. They are all comfortable and the best.

Best Services

We have a mission to keep developing our service spirit. Therefore, we always provide the service at maximum performance to guarantee the best vacation and trip experience for you that you can share with your friends.

Wide Network

Our wide network and partnership cover the whole area in Indonesia.

Behind The Scene

Dodik Hadi Prayitno


Our dear visitor, welcome to our website, www.holidaysalwaysfun.com, the official
website of Holidays Always Fun Tours & Travel. We appreciate your visit here. I understand that all tourists always seek for comfort and high-standardized service. Thus, we gladly provide that service professionally. If you have any questions about our tour package, do not hesitate to contact our Travel Consultant. For more information, you can see it on our website. Hopefully, with this website, we can create a stronger relationship between our company and customers. Thank you very much.

Our Professional Team

Fajar Regha Saputra S.Tr.Par

(CEO-Founder, Tour Planner & Travel Consultant)

Born in Jember, East Java. Experienced as a tour consultant, and handling the order for the vacation trip package and everything that relate to that vacation trip.

Yosafat Ardi Prijayanto A.P Komp 

(Chief of Tour Operators)

Born in Moanemani, Dogiyai, West Papua. Experienced and dedicated to ensuring that all tour packages match the standard, such as choosing the best hotel, transportation, and even the professional field team.

Gilang Elsa Pratama A.Md.

(Photographer & Videographer)

Born in Banyuwangi Regency of the East Java Province. Experienced as a photographer and videographer, our job is to capture, record, and immortalize the moments of holidays as well as build the impressions and images of the institutions or individual clients throught the media of photos and videos.

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